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Attention! California Attorneys advertising with AVVO: you may be entitled to cash compensation for invasion of your privacy. Applying for case evaluation is free and takes less than 60 seconds!

Consumer protection attorneys at Hyde & Swigart, APC are assisting other attorneys who may have had their telephone calls illegally monitored or recorded. In the course of our investigation of AVVO, we learned that AVVO has had a practice of recording telephone calls with attorneys without disclosure. Attorneys may be entitled to statutory damages of $5,000 for each call to their cell phone that has been recorded in violation of California Penal Code Section 632.7.

The California Penal Code mandates that when a call is placed to an individual on their cell phone, at the outset of the call, the individual must be advised that the call is being recorded. If AVVO has called you on your cell phone and failed to disclose that the call is being recorded, you may be entitled to $5,000 per call in damages for the invasion of your privacy.

QUICK VERSION:  If you spoke to any AVVO representative in 2016 – 2017, you may qualify for a cash compensation of $5,000 per call. Applying for a claim evaluation is quick, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost.


It is unacceptable for AVVO to secretly record their conversations with attorneys. Not only would such conduct violate California laws, but it is also highly offensive and disrespectful to attorneys advertising with AVVO.

Attorneys who may qualify for cash compensation:

  • Received a call from AVVO representatives in 2016 or 2017 on their cell phones;
  • Were not notified that the calls would be recorded;
  • Have/had a FREE account with AVVO.

Yes, qualifying is that simple!

Maybe What Happened To Me Wasn’t That Big Of A Deal

Some of us will downplay what happened… Keep in mind: not only has AVVO potentially violated your rights but the company appears to have disrespected your privacy. No matter how minor this violation may seem to you, AVVO still may be obligated to pay you cash compensation, as provided by law, in form of statutory damages. 


There is a very limited time to assert your claims. Please contact us today.

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