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Thousands of California Residents who paid TurboTax but make under $34,000 (or under $67,000 for active military personnel) may finally receive cash refunds from the company, but sadly, most of them are unaware of their rights.

The average full-time worker’s salary was $44,720 for 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On Jan. 11, 2019 PRNewswire has announced that a free federal tax preparation and e-filing software was made available to all Americans with a 2018 adjusted gross income of $33,000 or less, active military personnel with an adjusted gross income of $66,000 or less, or those who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Powered by The Free File Alliance, a coalition of 12 industry-leading tax software companies partnered with the Internal Revenue Service, the Free File program was supposed to give eligible taxpayers free access to secure e-filing of their federal tax returns. TurboTax by Intuit is one of the software companies in this coalition.

It turns out, however, that if you start the filing process from TurboTax.com, it’s almost impossible to find the truly free version.

According to a new report by ProPublica, Intuit purposefully stopped Google from surfacing its free tax filing service in search results in an effort to steer all consumers — no matter their income — toward the company’s paid services.

Lately, many people who were tricked into paying for their tax return filings came forward and demanded justice and cash refunds! 

QUICK VERSION:  If you paid TurboTax but make under $34,000 (or under $67,000 for military personnel), you may be entitled to a cash refund. Applying for a claim evaluation is quick, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost.

It is absolutely unacceptable that TurboTax denied qualified residents free federal tax preparation….

Some Consumers Are Worried That Applying For Cash Refunds Will Require Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Sadly, some consumers that had to pay misleading fees to TurboTax won’t come forward with their claims because they are concerned about incurring out-of-pocket expenses when they apply for this service. This is not only wrong, but it’s in fact, quite the opposite.

Applying for a claim evaluation free, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost.

Maybe What Happened To Me Wasn’t That Big Of A Deal

Many consumers will downplay what happened to them and will try to push it to the back of their mind.  Not only is it a substantial violation of their rights, but consumers’ inaction is the very reason why companies like TurboTax can get away with cheating their customers.

No matter how minor violations may seem to you, the company may still be obligated by law to pay you.

The time to request cash compensation may be limited. So, Don’t Miss Your Window Of Opportunity – take one step closer to protecting your rights and holding TurboTax accountable…. Click >>HERE<<or Below to Receive a 100% Free and Confidential Claim Evaluation. 

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