Important Update: According to the California Department of Insurance most recent press release, Commissioner Dave Jones requested residential insurers to pay at least 75 percent and up to 100 percent of personal property or contents coverage in the event of a total loss without requiring policyholders to provide detailed personal property inventories.

“Requiring thousands of wildfire survivors, who’ve suffered through such heartbreaking loss to create detailed inventories of their belongings and other property is adding insult to injury,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. “I am asking insurers to follow the lead taken by some companies that have already made the call to waive the inventory requirement and begun paying policyholders.”

Source: CA Department of Insurance website.


While many homeowners may have a fire insurance policy, most of them will be surprised to find out that their insurance may not cover all the damage done to their properties, including the replacement value of the property and the damage to the soil. And what about lost business income? Lost wages? And compensation for the emotional distress and fear caused by the fire? Our law firm brings individual claims against PG&E for losses and suffering caused by the Campfire.

Will the attorney take any portion of your insurance payments? No. We do not claim any percentage of your insurance coverage payments. We wish to see you recover the maximum amount under your policy following this disaster, and we are available to offer guidance to you throughout the insurance claims process.

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