Did you make a purchase on gettington.com or a related website – Fingerhut or Paycheck Direct – only to be plagued by unwanted “payment reminders” or collection calls?  You aren’t alone.  Many consumers have been dazzled by gettington.com or Fingerhut email advertisement and the seemingly low website prices.  Yet some consumers are finding that the upfront savings don’t justify the price they are paying now – through endless calls or text messages.  In fact, many consumers can’t even identify the ever-changing, incoming phone numbers (877-332-8970 and 866-688-1093, to name a few).  

These types of calls can be harassing and against the law, especially if they are made to your cell phone number after you have asked the representative to stop calling.  And they can have a hefty price tag attached – sometimes as much as $500 or $1,500 per call.

So, how do you get these calls to stop?  Well, short of changing your cell phone number, it can be difficult.  But knowing your legal rights can help.  The following calling practices are against the law:

  • “Robo” or automated calls to your cell phone number without your consent;
  • Harassing or threatening calls; and
  • Emails or text messages after you’ve asked the sender to stop sending the communications.  

At Hyde & Swigart, we have filed numerous lawsuits based on unlawful calling practices, including against credit card companies and collection agencies.  We are on the forefront of developments in this area of the law, and will continue to advocate for consumer calling privacy.