National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is student loan servicer. If National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has purchased your defaulted student loan debt and has filed a lawsuit against you in California, don’t be discouraged, Hyde & Swigart can help.

Hyde & Swigart is a law firm that represents consumers with student loan debt related issues. Debt collectors like National Collegiate Student Loan Trust count on consumers failing to respond to lawsuits.  When this happens, a default judgment for the amount of the debt and expenses can be entered against the consumer by the court.  The collector can then have wages garnished, bank accounts levied, and liens filed against property.  Do not let this happen to you.  We are here to defend you in these actions. Each case has to be evaluated on its own, but it is possible to get the case dismissed or settled for a reduced percentage of what is claimed owed.

Unrepresented defendants in student loan lawsuits often lose.  Don’t be one of those people.  Call us for a free consultation.  Crosby S. Connolly, an attorney from our office will talk with you immediately – you can even reach him any hour of the day at (858) 900-7342.  Even if you think that you owe the money, or do not want to go through the litigation process, we often have success negotiating favorable reductions and payment plans, and can do so before going to court if you prefer.

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Taking this matter head on can potentially save you thousands of dollars.  Call us today at (858) 900-7342 for a free consultation with our attorney Crosby S. Connolly at any hour of the day.