After weeks of mounting pressure and trying to ensure continuous press coverage on HR 3035, as demonstrated by Monday’s MSNBC’s piece on the robocall bill, we have just learned that the bill’s sponsors, Lee Terry (R-NE) and Ed Towns (NY) have written to Energy and Commerce Committee chairman to ask that HR 3035 not be advanced.

If HR 3035 had gotten through Congress, telemarketing and debt collection robots would have been allowed to invade your cell telephone. However, the bill has been killed, at least for now.

Representative Terry’s staff have confirmed that they have no plans to proceed any further with HR 3035 but they remain interested in “ensuring that consumers have access to important information.” This indeed a victory and should be acknowledged!

Unfortunately, we know that that the debt collection industry will only continue in its attempts to open up consumer cell phones and weaken critical consumer protections. Hyde & Swigart will remain engaged in this fight and will keep you informed about any new developments.