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Thousands of Californians driving for Uber may finally receive cash settlements but, sadly, most of them are simply unaware of their rights.

A new study published by UCLA’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, found that more than half of Uber and Lyft drivers drive full time. Many of them struggle to pay for expenses such as gas, insurance and vehicle maintenance costs, and around a third either purchased or leased their car specifically to drive for the companies and must now continue driving to pay off those loans…

On April 30, 2018, the California Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that changed the test for independent contractor status in California.  The Court ruled in favor of workers for a document delivery company called Dynamex Operations West that were seeking employment status. 

Following this ruling, many Uber drivers came forward and demanded compensation for their expenses, minimum wages, overtime and other employment benefits.

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The Court adopted the ABC test that placed the burden on Companies to prove that drivers do not perform services within the Company’s usual course of business.

Legal experts say the ruling in Dynamex will have wide repercussions for companies that use independent contractors, such as Uber, Lyft, Amazon, Instacart, DoorDash, GrubHub, and others.

Because of this ruling, many drivers may finally receive justice and financial compensation that they deserve…

Some Drivers Are Worried That Applying For This Service Will Require Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Sadly, some drivers will not apply for claim evaluation because they are worried that this service will require out-of-pocket expenses.  This is not only wrong, but it’s in fact, quite the opposite.

Applying for a claim evaluation free, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost.

Maybe What Happened To Me Wasn’t That Big Of A Deal

Some drivers will downplay what happened to them and will try to push it to the back of their mind. Not only these may cause emotional distress, frustration, and financial difficulties over time, but our inaction is the very reason why companies have gotten away with these practices for such a long time.  And it needs to stop.

No matter how minor violations may seem to you, companies may still be obligated by law to pay you.

When you Apply for compensation Today you will make one step closer to holding companies accountable and demand justice for yourself and also for other people who, for one or another reason, won’t receive justice they deserve. Most importantly, you are claiming what is yours for yourself and for your family.

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