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Thousands of people whose names, home and email addresses, Social Security numbers, and other information have been exposed by Insurance and finance company Ameritas may receive justice and cash compensation, but sadly most of them are simply unaware of their rights.

Insurance and finance company Ameritas has recently notified customers that their personal information may have been exposed in a data breach.

According to a recent article in Washington Times, the company announced that several of its employees fell victim to phishing scams in May and early June that tricked them into providing their email credentials.

Information that may have been exposed in this data breach includes names, home, and email addresses, Social Security numbers and policy numbers.

Quick Version: If your personal information was exposed in Ameritas data breach, you may be entitled to receive cash compensation. Applying for a claim evaluation is quick, confidential and 100% free.

It is absolutely unacceptable that sensitive customers’ information, including clients’ names, home, and email addresses, Social Security numbers, and policy numbers were accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Some Victims of this Data Breach Are Worried That Having an Attorney Represent Them Will Require Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Sadly, some victims will not take this opportunity to rectify their wrong because they are concerned about incurring out-of-pocket expenses when they apply for this service. This is not only wrong, but it’s in fact, quite the opposite!

Applying for a claim evaluation is free, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost.

Maybe What Happened To Me Wasn’t That Big Of A Deal

Some people affected by this data breach may downplay what happened to them and try to push it to the back of their mind. Not only does this cause emotional distress over time, but this is the very reason why companies have been getting away with their wrongdoings.

What even more shocking is that most people simply don’t know what happened to their private information and who has access to it. 

When you see if you qualify right now, you take one step closer to demanding justice and also supporting other people who had their private information disclosed.

Time to bring a claim is limited by a statute.
Apply Now To Timely Request Your Claim Evaluation.

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