The Problem:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three months, you’ve heard of the VW Emissions Scandal. On September 18, 2015, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice of violation of the U.S. Clean Air Act to German automaker Volkswagen Group, after it was found that the automaker had intentionally programmed turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines to activate certain emissions controls only during laboratory emissions testing. The programming caused the vehicles’ emissions to exceed the requisite pollution control standards by as much as forty times the legally allowable limit. Since then, other German manufacturers have been caught with their hands in the cookie car as well, including nearly all German made vehicles that use diesel engines. The vehicles affected include the VW Jetta; VW Beetle (sedan and convertibles); VW Passat; Audi A3; VW Jetta SportWagen; VW Golf; and the VW SportWagen. The EPA has since discovered similar cheating on the VW Toureg; Audi A6 Quattro; Audi A7 Quattro; Audi A8 and A8L; Audi Q5; and Porsche Cayenne.

How this affects the owners:

This means that if you own one of these vehicles, you are, at the very least, seriously contributing to air pollution. As for your economic situation, that is bad as well. The value of your vehicle has dropped since this news was announced. Further, even if VW (and these other manufacturers) were to “fix” the problem, an unlikely scenario, the value of your vehicle will still remain low as VW (and these other manufacturers) will almost certainly be unable to fix the problem without seriously impacting the performance and gas mileage of the car. After all, if these companies could make the vehicles EPA compliant and maintain the performace and gas mileage that the car originally had they would have done so in the first place. They cheated consumers because they were unable to figure out a way to offer the gas mileage and performance consumers wanted without polluting the air.

Options available to you:

There are many possible scenarios and options involving your car. First, you could wait for VW (and these other manufacturers) to “fix” the problem. However, from our estimation, “fixing” them is impossible. As above, even if VW (and these other manufacturers) were to provide some sort of device to make your car fall within the EPA’s legal standards, it will almost certainly have a negative impact on gas mileage and performance, and may even cause reliability issues in the future. If these companies could have made a reliable, decent performing diesel vehicle that provided good gas mileage, without polluting the air, they would have done so in the first place. They couldn’t then (which is why they cheated you) and there is no reason to believe they can do so now. Further, the reputation of these companies, and their diesels, are forever tarnished and the value of your car will forever be lower than it needs to be. That cost falls on your shoulders.

Second, you could join any one of the multitudes of class actions that will be filed against VW (and these other manufacturers). You can find them now, on the Internet, and there will be many more to come.

Third, you might be able to sell the vehicle at a low price and cut your losses. In other words, you can let VW (and these other manufacturers) cheat you, and get away with it.

Finally, you could cross your fingers and hope VW (and these other manufacturers) offer to buy back the vehicle. Hold your breath and see how long that takes to come about, at least, without a lawyer.

What Hyde & Swigart can do for you:

Hyde & Swigart is a consumer rights law firm. Like other law firms our first thought was to sue VW (and these other manufacturers) in a class action. Quite frankly, however, that is exactly what VW (and these other manufacturers) would like. You see, in cases like this a class action allows VW (and these other manufacturers) to escape much liability as a deal is quickly entered into that makes the lawyers a whole bunch of money while giving consumers only minimal recovery. But we think we have a better way.

At Hyde & Swigart, we will sue VW (and these other manufacturers) on an individual basis. That is, no class action for you! This means that we will fight for you, and only you, and we will demand that VW (and these other manufacturers) buy the car back from you at a price that represents what the car would be worth if this scandal had not taken place. You deserve full compensation, and not just the partial compensation that a class action bring. Further, we will demand VW (and these other manufacturers) pay our attorneys’ fees and costs separately fro the compensation you receive. It is, after all, the only fair thing.

You can call Hyde & Swigart at 855-855-0155 and discuss your individual case with us. We won’t charge you a thing for the consultation, and if you want us to represent you on an individual basis, we will do so.