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Thousands of Victims of devastating Woolsey Fire in Thousand Oaks may receive cash compensation for their injuries, destroyed properties, and emotional suffering and fear but, sadly, many of them are unaware of how fast and easy it is to apply.

On October 30th, 2018, Southern California Edison has publicly acknowledged that its equipment was responsible for contributing to the start of the massive Thomas Fire, which burned more than 280,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. But only a few days after, on November 8th, the company allegedly caused another devastating fire…  The Woolsey Fire has burned 96,949 acres of land, destroyed an estimated 1,500 structures, killed several people, and prompted the evacuation of more than 295,000 people.

California residents will now have to face a challenging journey of rebuilding their homes and lives while dealing with post-traumatic stress, fear, and anxiety caused by this devastating fire. It is unjust and unfair that so many people have to go through something like this because of an oversight of a large corporation. Unfortunately, corporations like SoCal Edison more and more often cause wildfires here, in California. And this needs to stop.

Recently, many victims of the Woolsey Fire came forward with their claims and demanded justice and compensation for what has happened to them, their homes, and their lives…

QUICK VERSION: If you or a loved one have been affected in any way by the Woolsey Fire, you may be entitled to receive cash compensation. Applying for a claim evaluation is quick, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost.

While many homeowners may have a fire insurance policy, most of them will be surprised to find out that their insurance may not cover all the damage done to their properties, including the replacement value of the property and the damage to the soil. And what about lost business income? Lost wages? And compensation for the emotional distress and fear caused by the fire?

Those who have suffered losses may be entitled to recover money as compensation for their damages, which may include:

  • Death of a loved one;
  • Bodily injury;
  • Loss of a home and/or adjacent structure;
  • Loss of personal property;
  • Loss of a business structure;
  • Loss of agricultural property and products;
  • Loss of business or agricultural income;
  • Loss of trees or surrounding vegetation/agriculture;
  • Emotional suffering, stress and fear;
  • And other damages….

Some Victims Are Worried That They Will Have To Pay Out-Of-Pocket Costs If They Apply for Compensation

Sadly, some victims will not apply for claim evaluation because they are afraid that this service will require out-of-pocket expenses. This is not only wrong, but it’s in fact, quite the opposite.

Applying for a claim evaluation free, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost.


Many Victims Simply Don’t Know How Much Compensation May Be Owed To Them

Many victims will downplay what happened to them and try to convince themselves that their insurance should cover most of their losses. Not only may this cause financial difficulties and distress overtime, but this is the very reason why corporations, like PG&E and Edison, have been getting away with these practices for such a long time…

When you Apply for compensation Today you will make one step closer to holding companies accountable and demand justice for yourself and also for other people who, for one or another reason, won’t receive justice they deserve. Most importantly, you are claiming what is yours for yourself and for your family.

Compensation fund may be limited due to the number of claims. Take an action Today. Click >>HERE<< or below to Apply.

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